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Brainstorming for options

It is better to have enough ideas for some of them to be wrong, than to be always right by having no ideas at all.

Let me start by greeting the new followers, my marketing efforts seems to be working, as I have more than 800 followers now, thank you all for becoming part of my journey!

In my last post I had set to myself a clear goal, making half a million dollars in 6 months, and now I need some ideas on how to reach it :)

I will spend the next few days brainstorming in any way:

  • Asking for comments on my blog
  • Asking my Facebook friends
  • Calling friends that don’t use Facebook
  • Posting in forums (any suggestions?)
  • Searching on Google
  • Asking random people in the streets
  • … other ideas?

I will ask 3 questions:

  1. What do you think about my goal of making half a million dollars in 6 months?  is it possible?
  2. Have you heard of anyone who had similar goal? did he succeed?
  3. Imagine that you have to fulfill this goal in order to survive, how will you act? What if it is just a game and you have nothing to lose?

Please let me do the elimination, you can tell me ANYTHING that crosses your mind.
(Yes, that means that robbing a bank, marrying a rich cougar or dealing drugs are great answers!)

If you prefer to reply privately, feel free to use the contact form, or send me a message on Facebook.


Update: I now offer 25,000 dollars for the chosen suggestion, further details in my next post: Looking for partners.


  • tiabija

    I propose that you continue developing this blog and articulating your personal brand in various ways (to be determined… the fun part!) It is totally conceivable and attainable that within 25 weeks “” will be worth at least $500,000 to someone, should you decide to sell, or that it could bring in that much money (and more!) should you decide to keep working on it. It is a great domain with considerable earning potential.

  • tiabija

    Everyone has “a personal future,” and if you can use this website to inspire others to change their “personal present” to sculpt an attractive personal future, you hold the key to achieving your own goal.

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  • Himanshu

    > Nothing is impossible when there are logic, strong will and facts associated with goals.

    > A real person asked everyone for just 1 dollar and promised to turn it into 1 million and he succeed but it took him 55 years (real wil power and patience) :)

    > You will surely achieve your goals because you are telling it to us and don’t forget there is always someone who wants to make see us achieving our goals. To succeed, you need to have faith in yourself and your will, patience and of course some facts/logic.

    Wish you success!