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Considering my options

It’s been more than a week since I started brainstorming for options on how to make half a million dollars in 6 months. (I now have less than 5 months left!)

mobile-apps“Develop a mobile application”

Most of the suggestions that I got were about dealing drugs, gambling, robbing a bank, investing in real-estates, and developing a mobile application.

After ruling out the illegal options, the only option that doesn’t require a substantial money investment, is to open a start-up company and develop a mobile application… how obvious, after all, I am a computer guy, and we all know that a successful start-up can earn a lot of money in a short period of time.
Well, I didn’t start a public blog, risking my reputation, just to end-up with something that obvious. I will have to come up with better than that, and even if I will end-up doing that, I will have to get out of my comfort-zone somehow.

How“If I knew how, I would have done it by myself”

This is a very common response that I get often.
I’m sorry but I just don’t agree with that saying, I think that knowledge is only a small part of the process.
Looking at myself, I truly believe that I have what it takes, so even that I have no idea how, I’m still certain that I will reach my goal.

fundraise“Ask for the money”

I’m surprised that I only got one comment with that saying. After all, some things are just more simple than we think.
The comment referred to an example of an Israeli girl that is asking a millionaire to pay for her studies:

keep-writing“Keep writing”

An interesting comment that I got was to simply keep writing, help others change their own personal future. While it won’t help me on reaching my goal, I will definitely consider posting articles about life-improvement, but I guess I should prove myself first, so I’ll hold that thought for a while.

rich“Learn from the rich”

Another interesting comment that I received referred to an article written in Hebrew: What can the 99%  learn on how the 1% manage their money. In short, rich people have more resources, they can hire experts and they have better investment options than the others.
Maybe I should start by getting a big loan?

think“Dig deep inside your head”

One particularly interesting comment was more of a question:
“What would you have done if you had an unlimited amount of money, and an unlimited amount of time (staying young forever)?”
The immediate answer is travelling around the world and experiencing lots of new things… but then what? I will still have infinite time left… This question kept bothering me all week…

Is laughter the solution to all of our problems?

OK, I know I wrote earlier about leaving my comfort-zone, but this is a completely new area for me.
I can’t say that I’m a funny person and I don’t even laugh that often, but I’m pretty sure that if I had the money and the time, I would keep doing something related to laughter.
After all, one of the most satisfying feeling is making people laugh, and there’s nothing better than laughing…


Think about it for a moment, when was the last time you laughed?
I don’t mean a smile after watching a funny picture on Facebook, I mean a rolling-on-the-floor-laughter.

What if you had a bad day? Or you just want to relax for a moment?
How long will it take you to start laughing? How will you accomplish that?

Perhaps I just found the next big thing? A one-click mobile app that will make us laugh?

I didn’t write about my vision yet, but this actually fits! It’s only a small part of my vision, but it’s a solid start!
(I will explain my vision in a later post, it is long and interesting enough to deserve a separate post, I promise :)

Some other stuff

  • I didn’t find a PR partner yet, please help me out and tell your friends about my blog.
  • After receiving some complaints from people who don’t use Facebook, I have changed the commenting system.
    It is now possible to post comments anonymously, or by using your Facebook, Google or Twitter account.
  • As you probably noticed, I have made some cosmetic changes to the website, I hope you like it. I guess next change should  be creating a homepage that contains more info.

I really need your support, please take the time to help me and comment with whatever that is on your mind. Thanks!

  • qaqa
  • Yaniv

    Keep digging inside your head.

    I think laughter can be a very good start (what about marketing a yoga laugher lessons CD’s?)

    Anyhow, you should read the book I’d told you about, “4 hours of work in a week”.
    It would give you some ideas and methods.
    And I’ll talk to you in private for some passenger partnership ideas :-)