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Experimenting on myself

More than two weeks have passed since my last update… I feel bad for not posting anything for so long, and I don’t want to keep apologizing at the beginning of each post. I guess I should do something about it, but first let me update you what kept me busy:

Digestive EnzimesExperimented on my body
In my last post I realized that something simple like taking digestive enzymes can prevent me from being tired.
As a nutrition enthusiast, I often advise people to go and check themselves for food Allergies.  Most of us have allergies we are not really aware of, and sometimes this knowledge might change our lives. Funny thing, as I wrote sometime earlier, I don’t usually listen to my own advice, and I never checked myself. Apparently there’s something wrong in my system, as I tend to be extremely tired after eating protein. Combine that with eating 5-6 meals a day, and it will be practically impossible to maintain normal life. Add this to my lifestyle of not-having any boss, and it will also be possible to ignore that for years.

My health insurance only cover emergency incidents, so I can’t go to see a doctor and check myself. I decided to buy some different products and check them on myself. Not ideal, as each mistake ends up with a stomach ache or just falling asleep, but I did some research, making sure that I stay on the safe side.
The results are very individual of course, but if you’re curious, my favorite product so far is GNC Preventive Nutrition Multi-Enzyme FormulaBetaine HCL seemed promising according to my research, but it didn’t work well on my body.

MeetupStarted my own meetup group
I am still looking for group of positive enthusiasts to hang with. If I can’t find such a group, maybe I should create one?
I decided to start a meetup group and named it “Austin self-improvement project“.
It was surprisingly easy to find 30 people that joined my group. But after the first meeting, I realized that it will take lots of resources for me to lead such a group, and while I really like that idea, it might prevent me from focusing on my specific goal, so I decided to stop these meetups until I will have a better plan.

one red paperclipI’m definitely not the first one
Last week, someone told me about Kyle MacDonald, a Canadian blogger who bartered his way from a single red paperclip to a house in a series of online trades over the course of a year. I can’t say I consider that path seriously, but I also can’t ignore that, and I find it very motivating :)

TasksMy body was not the only thing I experimented on
Reaching my goal can’t be easy, otherwise everyone would be doing that. I have about 3 months left to make half a million dollars, and I still don’t even have a plan. Honestly, I’m surprised that I still believe in myself, it seems impossible, yet I’m still positive. I really wonder if this is impressive or ridiculous (חי בסרט?)… I guess I will just have to wait and find out :)
I know that I have to do something different or extreme, I can’t just follow someone else.
I figured that maybe I can maximize my productivity by following orders. I created tasks lists and protocols for every moment of my life. I wrote everything, and created a different list for any situation encountered. I realized that if I can be my own boss, and “give myself orders”, I will be more productive.
This was actually working pretty well… for a few days… until I went to bed and couldn’t make myself get out of it for almost 24 hours :)
I couldn’t understand why that happened, so I ditched this plan and tried looking for an expert to teach me more:

SeminarAttended a seminar
I went to an NLP (Neuro Lingustic Programming) class, about not-doing.
“Based on researches, the ratio of work:rest should be 1:4.8, if you’ll try to work more than that, your mind will betray you.”
I didn’t expect to get such a quick and simple answer… but there goes my theory of “working” all day long, I can’t make everything scientific, I have to decide what I consider “work” and what I consider as “hobby”.
I must say that since I transformed some daily activities from “work” into “hobbies” (for example: not counting calories, and not tracking my gym workouts), I actually feel more calm and more focused. Does that make sense?

During this class the instructor asked about our resolutions, mine seemed to be the most interesting… as I ended up in front of the class, introducing myself. The instructor then reviewed my body language and shared his thoughts about me. Among other interesting things that he said, there was one thing that really got into me:
“You are a very logical person”, he said. “While others plan on continuous goals like not watching TV on weekdays, your goal is very measurable, you have a deadline, and you know exactly what you want. at the end of these 6 months, you will know exactly if it’s a win or fail”. “I agree”, what else could I reply, realizing how right he is, even if I won’t do anything, and somehow win the lottery just the day before my dead-line, I will still count that as a win. I don’t really care about the way, the result is all that matters.
“6 months are a long time”, he kept saying, ignoring the fact that 500,000 dollars are also a lot of money. “If you’re doing it just to prove something to yourself, you might want to set some mini-goals, and achieve them first.”
Taking baby-steps was always my favorite technique of handling something new, I should definitely set myself some mini-goals, any ideas?
This is not the kind of mini-goals I’m talking about, but just to have something to start with, I’ll set my first one to post again in 48 hours.

Thanks for reading!

  • Connie Omari

    Hi! Congrats on the meetup group. That is something that I would like to do at some point. Any tips on how to get strated?

    • Ronen Teva

      Thanks. I’m not sure if I’m the right person to give tips as I’m definitely not an expert, but I guess the best tip will be – Just do it.