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Finally, I’m moving!

First, I would like to thank Jo, my friend from Canada, for donating me the first dollar.

It seem easy, isn’t it? So how come it took me 3 months??
I probably can’t beg my way to half a million dollars, but it’s definitely a solid start!

Let me ask you a question:
Out of half a million dollars, which will be harder to achieve? The first dollar or the last one? Or maybe somewhere in between?
In my opinion, I just made through the hardest part! I know, it won’t be a bump-less ride, but at least I’m moving!

If I will keep doubling the amount each time, and think of it as a game, it means that I only have about 20 levels to win! To win the last level I will probably need to achieve about 250,000 dollars somehow, but why worrying about that now? One step at a time, I will let the my future-self dealing with it when the time comes :)

Anyone wants to join the ride and donate 2$ ?
Any ideas of what can I give in return? Maybe blog about something specific?