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Gaining back the control on my life

Isolating myself might have been a rough experience for me, but I’m so happy for taking that path. Less than 2 months since I started my journey, I already made a bigger progress than I expected.

For many years I’m getting sleepy during the day, my vision becomes blurry and I’m having really strong headaches. I kept asking myself – why?

Am I lazy?
I actually don’t remember a day without taking at least one nap.
My friends kept calling me lazy, and figured I’m just addicted to TV-shows. But it just didn’t feel right to me, there must be something more than simply being lazy…

Is there something physically wrong with me?
I kept returning to my doctor asking for more and more blood tests, but they always resulted fine.
I went to the eye-doctor, asking why my vision is getting blurry during the day, but he said my eyes are fine.
I started wondering if I’m just being hypochondriac and nothing is wrong with me?

Am I experiencing a social distress?
If I’m staying in bed most of the day and my health is fine, maybe I have some sort of a social-distress? It didn’t make much sense, as I always had strong self-confidence, but I decided to give it a shot – and started taking many courses for improving my social skills.
My social skills got way better, and I had so much fun, but it didn’t keep me from going back to bed, I just learned how to hide it from people.

Maybe it’s because I’m fat?
My doctor said I needed a diet, so I started meeting with a nutritionist, learned how to improve my meals and started working out. Losing weight feels great, and I enjoy looking at myself in the mirror now, but I kept taking long naps during the day… so it wasn’t it.
I did discover the caffeine pills, that helped me “cheating” my body by taking them daily before going out of home.

Deep depression?
I started wondering if I’m depressed, as deep depression can result in staggering in bed all day long. Once again, it didn’t make much sense, as I’m a happy person in general, but it was an option, so I started reading articles and watching lots of videos about becoming a more positive person.

The magic word – procrastination
Finally, I discovered a term called “procrastination”, and I really believed that I found my issue this time, I even publicly admitted that few weeks ago. Not having a steady job, starting businesses and start-up projects can be very stressing, results in my brain trying to shut itself, forcing me going to sleep and relax. It was really hard for me to accept that, I always thought being an entrepreneur is in my blood, as that’s what I’m doing since I’m 15 and always enjoyed it. I didn’t give up, lot’s of online research led to watching many self-improvement videos, reading more articles, trying any existing task-management system and even starting this blog.

Better person, but still sleepy
All of these experiences during the last few years really improved my life in so many terms, I can’t say I regret anything that I got to learn, but it didn’t solve my problem… I became an expert in hiding it, even from myself. Honestly, I had no idea how bad my situation is.

Desperate times call for desperate measures
I was really desperate last week, nothing went right, and I had no idea what do with myself. On top of that, I was always soooo tired. Without thinking, I just opened my laptop and googled: “WHY AM I SO TIRED???”, and started reading random forum posts about people being tired.
One of the posts was about a person who has digestion issues, so he gets sleepy about an hour after eating protein. My eyes suddenly popped out, it makes so much sense! How come I never connected my tiredness with my meals?

Walking with a big smile on my face
Once I realized the issue, researching for the solution was very easy. I quickly found about “Digestive enzymes” that are sold in any local GNC store. I was so excited to try that, I decided that I’m going to try them right away! right after taking a nap of course… :)
The results were immediate, I’m just not sleepy anymore. I didn’t even believe that, I thought it’s probably psychological, and I just want it to work, so I started taking notes, testing how I feel with or without taking these enzymes. The results are conclusive, that solved my issue.
I’m walking with huge smile on my face for 3 days now, and I didn’t take a nap even once! I even tried forcing myself, getting into bed, but I was just bored after few minutes.
It’s only now that I realize how bad my situation was, I suddenly have so much more time during the day, I can actually get things done!

Imagine that, having so much free time now, I can definitely reach any goal, nothing is going stop me :)

  • Josephine

    Now you are unstoppable :) “When you feel defeated, just push forward and keep going, prove to yourself that you’ll never stay down.” ~ Anonymous

  • imaninsomniac

    I have a hard time with excessive sleep as well. I have been wondering what my issue is and relate to everything you have been blogging.

  • sally brown

    I’m so glad you found your answer. What is the name of these enzymes; I think I need some. Really, I’d like to know the name of them. Great post! Sally

  • Kevin Martin

    I bet it felt really good to solve a problem that had been negatively affecting your level of energy. It’s good to know you found a solution to your problem by not giving up and instead deciding to seek knowledge.

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