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Hilarious YouTube videos

In my last post, I wrote about developing a 1-click mobile app that will make us laugh right away.

After doing some research on YouTube, I figured the really funny videos are the compilation ones.
I guess the uploaded videos are just too long to be hilarious… we don’t always have the time to watch a 30 minutes video, and not even 5 minutes video, we just want to see the 10 seconds punch line and move on.

My idea is to somehow cut the videos into small chunks.
For example: instead of watching a 25 minutes funny TV show, each click on the app will show you a 10 seconds chunk of the video, the one that contains only one joke.
Is this joke really funny? obviously I will have to come up with a really good rating system to figure that out.

If it will all work as planned, each click will show a very short YouTube hilarious video from … maybe I should call it Yoularious?

Finding the funniest videos might not be that easy, apparently Google have tried doing something similar earlier this year: (The links are no longer working, so I can only assume that they failed)

What do you think? will Yoularious help me achieve half a million dollar?

Which of the domains looks better? or