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I need your comments, and I’m willing to pay

Let me start from the bottom line: I decided to split 25,000 between those who comment on my website.
The more comments you’ll post, the more money you’ll get once I’ll reach my goal.

Can I win the lottery?

When I started writing this post, this was supposed to be the title.
I planned on researching the lottery games I can participate in, evaluate the statistics for winning 500,000 dollars, and consider that as one of my options in order to achieve my goal.

Well the answer is pretty obvious, the chances of winning the lottery are low! how low? check this infographic and find out for yourself.

But there’s always a winner, right? The real winners are obviously those who run the lottery, they win big, and they win every time. Well… maybe I should start my own lottery?
It’s probably illegal to charge money and start my own lottery contest, but I’m pretty sure free lottery is OK, and I can definitely take that to my advantage:
Remember that I said I will give 25,000 to my partners?

Well… you are my partners, so maybe I should start a lottery between those who commented on my website?
After all, it’s not my money yet, so why would I mind giving it away?

Instead of a lottery, I decided to simply split the 25,000 by the count of comments I will have when I reach my goal, and give each of you the amount you deserve, sounds fair?

Of course now my goal is harder to reach… I will have to get 525,000 dollars by the end of April.

Am I stating the obvious?

I remember when I was on 11th grade, me and my friends went to a computers contest.
It was a very hard test, we all got out very frustrated, and started comparing our answers.
I remember stating some obvious points: “we need to somehow do this, and then somehow find out that…”
One of my best friends, Assaf, kept saying “yes, that’s obvious, but you have no idea how do implement that, and you’re not even sure how it will lead you to the final answer”.

Bottom line, we were both thinking the same, I wrote everything in my test and Assaf didn’t. Eventually we both failed, but I got 20 points more than Assaf.

I know… some of you might think that all that matters is that we both failed. And I agree, I too only care about the bottom line. But maybe we shouldn’t look at it that way? After all, the bottom line is that I was much closer to pass the test than him.
Maybe if we were all brainstorming and writing our ideas, together we would have passed the test?

I remember that I noted to myself at the moment “sometimes even just stating the obvious will make you better than those who don’t”.

Please don’t sue me :)

I’m not strong in legal stuff, so I’ll just make it clear that everything is subject to my judgement and might change anytime without notice, I will give away the money only if and after I will reach my goal, obviously spam or deleted comments won’t count.

  • Morli

    הצעה. לך תפרסם שאתה מוכן לצלם ולערוך כל אדם ברחבי ארה”ב שיש לו כישרון מיוחד. משם תעלה את זה בחינם לאתר משלך, ועל הדרך תזכה בחוויות מאוד מעניינות.
    זה לא רווחי במיוחד מה שהצעתי, אבל זה כיף, אז תפתח את זה לאנשהו, נתתי רעיון

  • Morli

    ותוסיף פה אופציה לטרנסלייט מעברית לאנגלית כי אין לי כח לכתוב באנגלית :)

  • Josephine Liu

    Lol. Money is a good motivator and a great incentive :)

  • Diabla

    Behaved good or I sue you!

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  • Alex Liddell

    we all need money,but not a lot,it can motivate people,but greed can make things bad for people