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Life is a sine wave

I got lots of messages after my last post about being lonely. I wish those comments were public on my blog, but I can definitely understand why you all chose the send it privately this time.

Thank you!
Thank you all for the emails, Facebook messages and phone calls. Your warm words really mean a lot to me, it’s really good to know that I’m not alone and that you all believe in me. I won’t let you (and myself) down, I promise.

No need to worry
I remember a time when my military commander, Zohar, asked me for a favor: printing the certificate of excellence for a soldier in my unit.
Later, when he came back to pick it up, he looked at the certificate, and looked back at me, saying: “You should have gotten that, you work way harder than she is. I will make sure you will be next.”
“I don’t deserve it, and I don’t want it” I replied, and he was shocked, so I explained myself: “I do work harder but I also enjoy the benefits of being treated like I’m way above my rank, this is why no-one ever thought of giving it to me, and honestly, I prefer it that way.”
After a second of silence, he shook my hand with a smile, and I felt better than ever… I will always prefer to be on the giving side rather than the receiving side.
Please allow me to explain myself:

It was all by choice
Most of you already know that I have a strong personality, but those of you who don’t, please don’t worry about me, I will be fine, I’ll always find a way of benefiting myself somehow and I always manage to get back on my feet. I chose to go on this adventure with a clear mind, and I have no regrets, believe me, it will all worth it.

I asked for it, and I probably should get used to it
It’s been said that our lives are just like a sine wave:

Sine wave

There are always ups and downs, and they will always be equal to each other.
I have decided to aim higher. See that orange dot? That’s how high I want to get, but… unfortunately, I can’t cheat the system, if I’m aiming that high, I will have to face the bottom too…

I guess I should get used to it, if that’s how I want my life graph to look like, I will probably have lots of downs to face before I’ll reach my goal.

Sine wave


Not easy? that’s exactly what I wanted!
Well, I didn’t really plan things that way, but there was a reason for isolating myself from the outer world. It took me years to disconnect, and it wasn’t easy as it might seem.
We have so many distractions during the day: school, work, family, friends, hobbies… these are the things that I really miss, but they are also the things that keeps us distracted from listening to ourselves.

Being a good consultant
I used to work as a technology consultant. In my opinion, a good consultant is not someone who knows everything, but someone who is not afraid of the unknown, and willing to research as long as it takes, until he comes up with the right solution.
That applies to personal life too… having a diverse life experience, I’m used to people always asking for my advice, and I’m fine with it. I never turned my back to anyone, always happy to help.

One person never asked for my advice
So I help anyone who asks, whether it’s a business or a personal thing, but… If people keep asking for my advice, how come I never asked myself for my own advice?
Being isolated, I somehow had time to think about myself. There is one question that keeps bothering me for years:

Why am I so tired?
Only few days ago, I guess because of being bored, lonely and desperate, that I started thinking “what will you answer to someone else if he will ask this question?”, and the answer was so simple and obvious: always start with a Google research.

Sounds boring? the results were absolutely amazing!
It’s too early to say for sure, but it seems that my life have been changed forever!
I’m so excited to tell you about that, but it’s already after midnight and I didn’t go to the gym yet (Glad for having a 24-hour gym membership). I promise to start writing my next post first thing tomorrow!

  • Josephine

    You’re a good friend to have as you are always willing to help. Can’t disagree with you, one has to love “Dr. Google”.

    • Ronen Teva

      I like “Dr. Google”, I will definitely use this term in the future :)

  • Connie Omari

    Life IS a sine wave… Never thought of it like that, but I realize that it’s true. Good luck on your journey to figuring things out for yourself :)

    • Ronen Teva


  • Steph

    Wow I think you are so tired cause you post on twitter too much. It looks like you are making improvements on your life and goals

    • Ronen Teva

      LOL some people might not figure that this is a private joke :)

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