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Looking for partners

Teamwork is essential. it allows you to blame someone else.

While I’m still brainstorming for ideas on how to make half a million dollar, I would like to thank you for your great ideas, please keep them coming!  I will post them all in my next post.

One of the important thing that I’ve learned during my life (I will publish an “about me” page eventually) is that things are much easier when you get help from others.

Therefore I decided to start looking for partners, offering 25,000 dollars to anyone that will help me achieving my goal.

My personal goal will remain half a million dollars, which means that the real goal will get higher the more partners I join. (4 partners = goal extended to 600,000 dollars)
Obviously my partners will only get paid if when I reach my goal, making them highly motivated.

The first partner I’m looking for should be a PR expert:

  • Tell my life story
  • Manage social media pages
  • Design the website
  • Get my project exposed all over.
  • Anything else related to PR :)

If you are interested, or know anyone that might be interested, please contact me or leave a comment.

I will also reward 25,000 dollars to the person that will make a public comment on my earlier post with a suggestion that will be chosen to be my way of achieving my goal. Obviously it has to be specific, and not a general “start a business”, “invest in stocks” or “develop a mobile app” suggestions.