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Losing my safety net

“A ship in harbor is safe – but that is not what ships are for.”

While I’m not so much of a dogs person, I really like Ikey, my aunt’s family dog, he just wonder around the house quietly and peacefully, and why won’t he? He has a loving and caring family, they make sure he will always have enough water and food in his plates and they take him to his daily walk – pretty much everything a dog needs.

Unfortunately, I have no idea what this dog is truly capable of: I have never seen him running for his life, jumping high on dangerous rocks or fighting with other dogs – he has got no reason to. Staring at him right now, chilling in the sun next to me, I keep wondering if he is happy with his life. After all, he might have been the leader of his pack, but he never got a chance to prove himself.
Of course, there are lots of dangers out there, he could have been eaten by a bigger animal, get hit by a car, or maybe just starve to death. By getting this protective lifestyle, Ikey’s life might have been saved from those dangers, but it might also prevented him from becoming the alpha-dog. The real question is: did he get to choose?


I keep asking myself how can we let him make such a decision.
After all, our only way to let him prove his actual skills will be to stop putting food and water in his plates. He will have to become creative, improve his senses, start running and fighting with other dogs, and taking the risk of eating bad food. It will definitely not be easy for him to establish his domination, but it will sure give him a chance to prove his skills to the world.

Coming back to us, human-beings… did we get to choose between a life of safety and comfort, to the battle of surviving? I know I didn’t.

I did not grow up to a rich family. I had no luxuries when I was a child, and never got a car for my 17th birthday, but I always had food on my table. My parents did not spoil me, but they definitely did a good job making sure I will never miss anything that I need. The difference between what I need and what I want was very clear to me.

Now I’m a grown-up, and I would like to make this decision, but I’m skilled enough to always find a decent way of income, so I know I will never have to worry about any of my basic needs. Even if something will ever happen to me, I know that I have a loving and caring family and friends, that will always stand by me, never letting me starve to death.

My diet progress published on Facebook

With that said, how can I lose my safety-net and put my real skills to the test? I figured that my only way of achieving that will be to change my goals from something that I want into something that I need, by putting myself in some sort of risk, but how can I do that?
I realized that the most pain I can gain from failing my goals will be losing my pride. Even though I don’t need to be famous, I do need to prevent myself the humiliation of failing in public, in front of everyone I know – that is simply how I am.

Last year I decided to start a diet, it was my first public experience. I wasn’t ashamed of my dieting process: I made bets with my friends and published my progress on Facebook. The mixture of public support and the fear of public failure worked – I  lost about 30 pounds and never gained them back. I truly hope that the same success can be restored in this life-challenge that I’m facing myself.

I got several questions about my expectations from you, the blog readers.
By reading and commenting on my posts, you are helping me way more than you imagine, you are giving me the motivation to continue, and creating the commitment that I need, I would like to thank you for that.

Losing my head

(Special thanks to Yaniv, Meital and Amir, that keep pushing me to publish new posts)

I know that 22 followers are not much, but it’s a solid start. Please share this page and help me reach a bigger crowd, as I really need your support. The bigger the exposure, the more I’m committed. Let’s just hope I won’t fail and end up losing my head ;)


Although most of my readers are Israelis, I have decided to stop publishing my posts in Hebrew, so I can keep publishing frequently. I hope you understand and keep following my blog. Hebrew comments are welcome as always.

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