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Reaching the crowd

My plan is to set myself a challenge, chosen with your assistance, and deal with in the near future.

As you probably already know by the title, I thought of getting half a million dollars in six months, but I plan on opening it up for discussion soon, so it might change.

To be able to rely on the wisdom of crowd, I have to reach, obviously, the crowd :)
I thought of setting myself a minor goal for the next week, to achieve a larger audience.
By now, I don’t really have a way of knowing how many people read my posts. According to the statistics, about 100 people have read each post I published so far.
I have added the option to like my Facebook page, I will use that to measure the website growth. You are welcome to like and share, it will also notify you when I update the blog.
Help me set up the goal, how many likes do you think should I get in order to achieve a healthy discussion? And how many like do you believe I’ll be able to get in just a week? I would really appreciate if you’ll reply today, so I can start working first thing tomorrow :)


I get a lot of comments by text messages, facebook, email, and so on… I really enjoy reading your comments, but I will appreciate if you’ll comment on the website itself, so others can read and reply to you too.