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Tuning in to the reality

Since I started my blog, I always had in mind that I’m about to run a start-up company.
I kept planning apps, and making plans on how to achieve my half a million out of them.
3 months later, I just can’t ignore the facts, something is not working. I may have some interesting ideas, and I may or may not have the knowledge and the skills to make that happen, but in the bottom line – I didn’t do it.
I honestly don’t know why, it seems like my mind is blocking me for some reason. I have great imagination and it always bothers me when things are not perfect as they’re in my dreams.

Am I getting softer?
Remember that in one of my first posts I wondered if I was still ambitious even if I grew up here in the US? I’m starting to realize that I probably won’t.
The life in Israel is so tense, it seems like no one is never satisfied: even when I had a lot, it was never enough. Things are different here, in the US: even that I have nothing, it feels like it’s almost enough.
I even thought of looking for a job here, just to cover my debts… I don’t know if it’s even possible, as I will need to find a company to sponsor my visa… Anyway, I don’t know where I’m heading with this, just wanted to share…

Baby steps
OK, so it seems that I won’t be making any app soon, what should I do instead?
I’m so proud of myself for defining such a clear goal in the beginning of my journey. It doesn’t matter how creative my  excuses can get, at the end of these 6 months – I either succeed or fail, nothing between.
I always believe in baby steps, and I should definitely have implemented it here.
My new plan is to find a way of earning 1$, and only after I succeed, I will double the amount again and again, until I reach my 525,000$ that I need. (Yes, I still plan on giving away 25,000$ to those who comment on my posts).

Will anyone donate me a dollar? please? :)

Update: because of PayPal commissions, I’m actually asking for 1.34$.


  • יניב

    איך תורמים?

    • Ronen Teva

      עדכנתי את הפוסט עם קישור ל-PayPal

  • Jo

    Didn’t know that Paypal requires a commission to use their service. Makes sense though. If I’m feeling generous, can I round up the $1.34 to $2.00?

  • Redditor

    I’ve followed you a little since your posts on Reddit. I replied to your messages, I said I was interested in doing something with you. I even emailed you but you never replied.

    • Ronen Teva

      As I mentioned, my decision of not starting any app project has no specific reason. I honestly don’t know what’s blocking me, perhaps a fear of success?
      I will keep you in mind when I’ll look for a developer to team with, and I truly appreciate your comments!