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Wisdom of the crowd

I would like to open by expressing my appreciation to both active and reserve military soldiers that are doing a blessed job in order to keep our citizens safe.
It’s been a week since I opened this blog. To be honest, I did not write because I felt that it’s inappropriate: Whenever I chat with any of my friends in Israel, the conversation is interrupted because of the alarm, many of my friends were recruited to their reserve duty, and I’m in the U.S. – writing a blog.

My car

During the Gulf War (1991), I was only in first grade, but maybe because I’m the big brother – I have lots of memories from that time. These constant talking about the war caused me that every time I hear a siren, my body starts shivering. I can not even imagine what goes on those of you who have no other option but to experience the real alarms again and again, and I hope that these will end soon.
I’d love to hear your opinion, should I hold my personal journey until the situation in Israel gets better?

My house

Meanwhile, I’m getting settled in the US: I bought a car and rented a house in Austin, Texas, nothing fancy but certainly good enough for me.
I spend a lot of time with my cousin, Alon, who grew up here. He is about my age and he is a computer guy, just like me. He lives in an amazing condo and drives a really cool sports car – makes me wonder again and again how my life would be like if I grew up here: Would it been easier for me to achieve my goals, or maybe I was less ambitious?

Me at alon’s place


I would like to thank you for your supportive comments.
It may not be obvious, but one of the main reasons that led me to open this blog, is that I really believe that you are smarter than me. No matter what subject I’ll write about, there will always be a reader that knows more than I do or more experienced than me, so please continue to reply with whatever thought that crosses your mind.

Yaniv suggested that I’ll write longer posts (like this one? :)) – What do you think? Should I write longer posts, update more often with shorter posts, or maybe just be focused and write briefly about the main points of my journey?

The view from Alon’s condo

Meital mentioned that she thought about opening exactly the same blog. Perhaps more of you had similar ideas? Have you heard about someone who tried doing the same and succeeded? or maybe failed?

Vered asked if I have plans on how to use the money – I promise to give you an extended response to that question.



At last, although this is not what my blog is about, I feel a genuine need to share the following video, in order to help spreading the real situation in Israel around the world.

  • sally brown

    I haven’t met you yet, but am welcoming you to Blog Engage. I hope your adventure with blogging is a pleasurable as mine has been. There are ups and downs, but I just keep plugging along. Which is how it’s supposed to work. Good luck and nice to meet you. Sally